My News on How to Remove Moles

Mole removal at home has become a popular option for those with moles on their face and body. Moles are common for a lot of people but there are times when they can become serious problems. Some people may develop moles in the most inconvenient of places such as right above their eye or on their lips which can be quite inconvenient for them. Unfortunately, the usual methods on removing moles can be a bit painful and expensive. Laser and heat treatments are the most common facial mole removal procedures but there are home remedies to rid moles that are effective, non-painful, and affordable. These methods are just as effective as the medical procedures since they focus on removing moles by whitening the skin or slowly peeling off the layers of the mole until normal skin replaces it.

Mole Removal with the Use of Creams

Applying a Mole removal cream is one of the most preferred options for people when they have moles that they want to get rid of. Most creams are affordable and actually do a good job at getting the moles out in just a few weeks. They lighten the skin where the mole is located until the mole is no longer visible. This is a very safe method and most creams are pretty safe for people with skin allergies. Other over the counter mole removal creams focus on peeling the skin away bit by bit until the mole is removed. Facial mole removal creams are slightly less strong to ensure that the skin will not be burned.

Mole Removal with Petroleum Jelly

There are numerous home remedies to rid moles on the face using home ingredients. One popular method is to use petroleum jelly. Swabbing the mole with petroleum jelly is a very common choice that will burn away the mole until the skin can heal, eliminating it slowly over a couple of weeks. It pretty much works like the over the counter creams, though it takes a bit longer to take effect.

Other Home Ingredients to Remove Moles

Vinegar with some crushed garlic is a home remedy that a lot of people refer to when petroleum jelly is not readily available. One has to take peeled garlic and crush it before mixing it into a dish of vinegar. Simply soak a cotton swab with the mixture and apply it to the mole. One has to do this twice a day – once in the morning and another at night before going to bed. This is because the strength of the mixture is not as potent as facial mole removal cream or the aforementioned petroleum jelly.

Other than petroleum jelly or the vinegar mix, there is the method of removing moles yourself with the use of whitening cream. This works much like the aforementioned mole removal creams since they superficially remove the mole via skin lightening. Numerous methods of mole removal at home go back to whitening cream because of its sheer effectiveness and the fact that it only takes a short period of time for one to see results.