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Relaxing Massage

It acts on the muscular, circulatory, nervous and energy systems to rebalance and regulate the body
It is aimed at people who want to connect with your body , relax and relieve tension and pain .
The massage – stress helps you to alleviate the consequences of a stressful situation just like what tantric massage in Chelsea it is getting a great deal of releasing accumulated tension and increase , therefore your work and personal performance , both physically and intellectually .

benefits :
Soothe back pain, promote blood circulation, help relax the mind and body, promoting deep relaxation, reduce stress by improving sleep quality, desinflamación legs and swollen feet.

Therapeutic massage

It is the oldest way that humans used to provide a natural remedy for pain.
The therapeutic effect of this massage is used to improve circulatory function , restore mobility of muscle tissue that may be damaged , relieve or reduce pain , provides comfort and relaxation such as tantric massage Chelsea offers.

However , when speaking strictly of the term therapeutic massage , is this referring to massage modality for the treatment of pathological processes in sick and injured individuals. And the technique will consist of a series of maneuver aimed at treating discomfort or injuries that have previously been diagnosed . The maneuvers have been studied and are based on the anatomy and physiology of muscle and fascial . It is done by prescription and should be done by professionals who are prepared to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.