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Investing In Real Estate in Cebu

Preparing For Retirement By Investing In Real Estate

There are a million reasons to invest in real estate especially investing in a condo at 38 Park Avenue Cebu, but by far the most common I hear is for the purposes of a comfortable retirement. Everyone is a bit frightened by the thought that Social Security won’t provide a “comfortable” retirement… but rather a scant one with potential to have people working well into their retirement years in order to have enough just to survive. And even with subsidizing the Social Security with 401Ks and IRAs, it is difficult to put dinner on the table every week AND contribute a large enough amount of cash to these retirement vehicles to really make a difference and insure a leisurely retirement.

38 Park Avenue Investment Property by 38 Park Avenue Condos Cebu

That is exactly why people are beginning to buy and hold real estate for themselves. It is a vehicle they can put some money into (usually far less than their other options), that will appreciate in value (usually far greater than other options), and in a shorter amount of time. It even provides much needed tax relief when it counts, at tax-time, on top of it! Then when you compare the appreciation of real estate value to the appreciation of stocks, bonds and mutual funds – it’s a no-brainer! And it’s not that people have given up on their IRAs and 401Ks, but they are just “padding” their portfolio with investments they can trust to perform. Real estate is such a “sure thing” that banks will even lend you most of the money to get them! Try asking them to do that with your stocks & bonds!

Historically real estate has been, and will continue to be, a steadily appreciating market. And, just like the stock market, will naturally ebb and flow. Now is even an ideal time for investors who are savvy enough to know how to “buy low & sell high”! They buy when it is a buyers market and can get the best prices and best incentives, and sell when the market is at its peak.

And, even for future-retirees, getting the 1st investment property is always the toughest part (so, if this is you – you’re not alone!). Don’t allow the learning process to keep you from getting started. There are plenty of “success stories” that will gladly ‘hold your hand’ through the process, and even teach you how to manage properties yourself, if that’s what you are doing. It’s the best retirement plan in town, if you’re willing to persist and work for it!